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Estimated arrival date:  31/10/2013

The new generation of 1/12 pan car is here. This 1/12 car is a joint development project between VBC Racing and Hiro Factory Japan with extensive testings and drivers feedback to created this ground breaking new car. Introducing the Lightning12!

Offset inline battery placement has proven to make the car easier to drive, have better balance, and weight transfer. Incorporated into our design has been the standard VBC Racing flair. Aesthetics are what we at VBC Racing take pride in. The car looks good on and off the track. 


2.5mm carbon fiber chassis

Offset inline battery placement for better balance and weight transfer

Chassis has slots to fit various size servos

Fully adjustable front end

CNC-machined lowered front arm bulkheads for precise building and adjustment
CNC-machined aluminum caster blocks for durability and to stiffen the upper arm
Reactive caster adjustments 7.5, 5.0, or 2.5
Precise machined front axles
Polished kingpins
Front ride-height adjustability with one piece shims
Front upper brace to reduce flex for higher grip surfaces like carpet
Aluminum turnbuckles for adjustment and durability

New DM12 center shock designed for super smooth dampening, fully adjustable, and long shock
Aluminum hard anodized shock body
Aluminum shock cap
Soft silicone bladder
Soft silicone o-rings

Aluminum shock/antenna mount
Aluminum rear bulkheads specifically lightened without giving up durability

Easy top motor access
Rear pod designed specifically for current brushless motors

2.5mm carbon fiber cross brace for support from side hits and flex
Super smooth and slop free VBC Racing Center pivot

Side links made of a special VBC Racing blend to give maximum durability and a slop-free fit
Side springs can be mounted 2 different positions 

Inboard on the pod for when you need the car to be more aggressive
Outboard on top of the side link where the car will be more docile
Laterally mounted dampening tubes for smooth side to side dampening making the car easier to drive and easier to work on

Rear carbon fiber axle with lightened right and left hubs for minimum rotating mass
Adjustable body posts with "twist" body mount adjusters for consistent body height adjustments

Everything you need to be competitive!