Tamiya F104 Ver.II PRO Chassis Kit Black Special

This is a special version of the F104 Ver.II PRO chassis kit, the direct-drive 2WD chassis with longitudinally-placed battery. It features special edition black parts in place of the standard kit's blue ones, giving it a composed image. The chassis features PBLR (Pivot Ball Link Rear) suspension, in addition to roll and pitch dampers. Front camber may be adjusted thanks to the installation of an suspension mount, while the slim 3mm carbon lower deck, the center upper deck and numerous other carbon parts combine to make for a lightweight model.

Components: -
●Aluminum Motor Mount ●Adjustable Metal Uprights ●Aluminum Upper Suspension Mount ●Aluminum Servo Saver Horn ●Damper Cylinder Lower Cap ●Body Mount Posts ●5x26mm Aluminum Posts ●3mm Aluminum Lock Nuts ●4mm Aluminum Nylon Nuts ●4mm Aluminum Flanged Nuts ●6.5x3.05x 1mm Spacers ●1mm/2mm/3mm Setting Spacers ●Aluminum Differential Housing ●Differential Cap ●Wheel Stoppers ●3x35mm Aluminum Turnbuckles ●Damper Mount

Specifications: -
●Length: 331mm ●Wheelbase: 270mm ●Carbon Lower Deck ●Carbon Front & Center Upper Decks ●Horizontally-Mounted Rear Direct Drive 2WD ●Ball Differential ●Symmetrical Steering Tie Rods ●Suspension: Kingpin/Coil Spring (Front), Pivot-Ball Link (Rear) ●Gear Ratio=4.04:1 (When used with 23T pinion and 93T spur gear) ●Type 540 Motor not included ●Requires an electronic speed controller (sold separately)