Hyperion EOS 0720i Super Duo Dual Li/NiMH/A123 Balancing Charger - 1S-7S/20A/500W , HP-EOS0720ISD3

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This is the Hyperion EOS 0720i Super Duo balance charger. Hyperion is known world wide as a leader in advanced battery charger technology, and they continue to push development forward with the release of the 720i Super Duo. The 0720i Super Duo provides a wide feature set, including 20 amp charge rates and 500 Watt's of power per side, with 1000 Watts available in Sync mode, making this one of the most powerful chargers available! 7S batteries can be charged effortlessly, but when Sync mode is enabled you have the power to charge batteries up to 14S at your fingertips, with proven Hyperion reliability!


  • 1~14 cells Li-Poly, Li-Ion or A123 charger / balancers
  • 1~16 cells NiCad / NiMH
  • 1~12 cells Sealed Lead Acid
  • DC Output: 20.0A, 500W max per port
  • DC Input: 10.5~28V
  • Discharge Limits: 5.0A, 40W max (per port)
  • Store Mode
  • Dual Integrated balancers
  • Temperature Sensor Port
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • TCS System
  • Sync mode for Li-Poly & LiFe
  • Includes two PQ/HP and two JST XH adapter boards