Horizon Vaterra 1968 Ford F100 4WD Ready-to-Run Kit VTR03028

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NEW IN BOX with factory sealed Reday-to-Run car kit. 
It’s amazing, the transformation that takes place when you drop a run-of-the-mill pickup to just a few inches above the pavement. Add custom paint, custom wheels and a bigblock V8, and what was once a workhorse is transformed into a work of art. The 1968 Ford F100 is a favorite among practitioners of this art. Its large engine accommodates a wide range of displacements and its lean, muscular lines give it a predatory look when lowered. The result is a custom street machine that can turn heads and take names.
This 1/10-scale recreation of a slammed ’68 F-100 is all attitude. From its aggressive, low-profile lines to the power and poise of its V100-S chassis, it looks and drives like the bigblock muscle trucks that inspired it. It comes completely ready to run with everything you need to hit the streets. You can even trick it out with aluminum options parts and different style wheels, all sold separately.